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An Air Force medic with PTSD gains abilities to see Angels and Demons and must confront a dark power that wants to double the suicide rate.




Shoot this partial pilot and then seek out decision-makers who can further the conversation about developing this into a show with their video-on-demand platform. If we can do that, then we can teach 100,000 other microbudget filmmakers how to do the same thing so that we might get the good news out to this next generation.


Ways to contribute

No film is an island.




If you believe in sharing the message of hope with this next generation, then join us in finishing the film. The budget was 14,713; we raised a tad over $8,567 for the film, and for those who would like more information how we got that far, you can read the full story here. There are rewards for supporting the film, and there is also the option to support the film just because. Feel free to call the office at 702-907-0220 for more info. 

Finish The Film

Who do you know?

Do you know a guy who knows a guy we should talk to? The goal is to expand Powers & Principalities into a show, and we won't quit on finding those decision makers!


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Social media

The bulk of our media and updates will be on Facebook and Instagram. Visit either page, follow, like, and share. Every bit helps to further the film's chances of getting in front of a decision maker.