You've probably heard of Seed&Spark by now.

If not, then I've got a quick, easy primer that you can go through right now to get a mental jumpstart on your next film / video crowdfunding project. 

They are built FOR filmmakers and their cut is reasonable (though by no means better than Tilt).

Very quickly: 

  • 80% or more is what you need to raise to be "greenlit" - KS wants all or nothing, Indiegogo doesn't care what you raise
  • Low fees, with the option for supporters to bear part of the fees
  • You can itemize what you would like funds for (like a new camera body or lens)
  • People don't have to contribute $$$; followers are just as important to every project

Light fare there.

If you're thinking of crowdfunding again (or for the first time), I've got a few articles for ya below, plus a bonus by way of a raffle to help you figure out the true $$$ amount you need to raise to do things *right*.

But before we do any of that, it's time for the main course. Buckle up. This will blow your hair back. 


1. They offer distribution packages

They themselves will act as distributors for your film, mind you, in addition to all of these guys that they can pump your flicka show through:

Their deals start at $850 (with $150 increments after that, depending on how many platforms you want to use), and you have to have amassed 1,000 followers / supporters to qualify for this kind of deal.

They also take a 10% distribution fee.

Sounds like cake right? A cursory glance around the site tells me amassing 1,000 peeps is a lot harder than you think:  

2. You can turn your phone into a monitor

In lieu of some high-priced field monitor, use the one in your pocket. Bueno?

The bonus G-Drive is nice too. 

These, and a few other perks, are gifts to you, the microbudget filmmaker when you hit 1,000 followers (contributors / supporters) at any point in your project - yes, even if that's after you've raised all your funds.

3. You can keep your followers

I talked to the S&S camp about downloading emails from the campaign. This, in my book, is another win for going with S&S:

You can export your Seed&Spark list.

After all, why start from scratch when it comes time for film #2? They really want to support you in your career, and we as microbudget filmmakers desperately need help with the marketing / distribution side of things. 

All these digital hipsters on YouTube can teach you how to shoot and color-grade, but can they teach you how to avoid a monumental wipeout after thousands of hours of blood, sweat, and tears?  

Seed&Spark wants to help get your story out there. 

To start, head over to their site and start building your campaign. 

Then raise your right hand and swear that once a week, you will send a newsletter out. 

I do mine on Fridays.

You should focus on building and nurturing your tribe. The email newsletter is still the best way to accomplish that, whether you're a filmmaker, a digital marketer, a church, a non-profit, etc. 

Otherwise, you become the spam-bum on forums, asking strangers to support you. Man, we sure don't have enough of these guys on the web! <--said no one.

Here's such a guy I found recently on an Fbook group:


And then when you click over to his Kickstarter page, you can see they're stalling. 

Hey, I've been there, as recently as last year. I reached out to this guy and encouraged him to keep building his newsletter. He said he already had about 1,000 subscribers.

But does he regularly talk to them? If you hand your business card out to 1,000 people and then a year later hit them up, guess how many will care? 

Relationship is key to so much in this life.

Go shoot your feature. You can do it, broke as a joke, or as armed to the teeth as you'd like. I did my first in the Summer of 2013, and I learned more through that experience than any other season of my filmmaking. You can too.

To help you get started, we're raffling off our pricing tool, the Instant Quotes Calculator. One winner will be picked by the end of July. See contest rules.

It was developed to come up with exact quotes (no more guessing!!!) for video production, but it can also handle indie films (under ideal conditions, like paying yourself, your crew, and your talent what they're worth). 

We live in a world where features are made for less than $10,000, and only you can know what you're truly capable of raising. If you are in a position to do things right, then this bad boy can crunch the figures you need to raise so that don't limp along in production.

Have you used or will you use Seed&Spark for your next film? Share your two-cents below amigo.


We are listening to see if there is a feature-length story to be told here in Vegas of what God is doing to bring hope and love to a hurt and very transient town. If we get the "greenlight" (not Seed&Spark's definition), we'll use Seed&Spark, at which point you'll get an invite to follow or support a project.

The rationale is pretty simple. If Jesus was said to have done so many things in the span of three years that it would "probably fill the whole world with books and then some," then there's a boatload of true stories to tell. Not just in Vegas mind you, but your backyard as well - keep your eyes open, take a leap of faith, and do "greater things than these." Leave a comment, send a smoke signal, call, write, or send a courier pigeon when you do.