Video Production: The Best Ways This Side Of The Mississip To Find AND VERIFY Emails

Today, I'm going to teach you the best ways to find emails to anyone that you want to reach out to.

And if you stick around, I’ll have a video walkthrough for you because this jungle of tricks and gadgets can be a little disorienting your first time using them to find an email.

This technique (or rather, set of techniques) works if you are trying to find new video clients to cold pitch, it works if you are trying to find new guests for your podcast, and it works if you are trying to find Your 93-year-old grandmother who got an email back when Windows 95 was King but she never used it ‘til now.

These techniques are easy, but they are not always quick when you do several of them at once to find one person’s email.

Slackers be warned!

Bury your lip service, don’t make up excuses, and go make Jack Canfield proud.

Total time to find an email: 1-5 mins

Video Production: Pick A Niche And Stick With It

This is so critical.

Right now if you are reading this, I don't want you to read for 13 seconds and then disappear. If you are a budding filmmaker or video producer then you are a microbudget filmmaker. Today you're going to pick one area - just ONE NICHE - that you can take your gifts and go serve others with and get paid to do it. It's quick and it's absolutely necessary for you to grow to the point you’re directing Hollywood-level movies and signing deals with Netflix. 

We don’t need another “Netflix” or “Lifeway.” We need to get off our butts, pick up the camera, cast vision, enable and empower our people, and go share the good news through this little ole medium known as film (and do it without being cheesy).

Videographers: How To Draft A Video Production Contract Right Now

This has to be the least-fun-talk we could possibly talk about when it comes to financing and marketing your films.

But the process of drafting video production contracts for you and your videography clients is essential, and today, you're going to learn how to draft said contract, quick, painless, and easy as can be - or you can use the one below. 

Because you're going to do client work. Lots of it in between projects. 

Adjust your attitude and treat each as an opportunity to grow in the areas of:

  • pitching
  • creativity
  • budgeting
  • communication
  • leading

All of which the Christopher Nolans of this world do for a 10-figure film (box office yield). 

Want to impact the world and share the message of hope? Adjust your attitude!

Microbudget Filmmakers: Don't Be A Do-It-All - Get A Casting Director!

Next time you, my fellow microbudget filmmaker, must cast several speaking roles and featured non-speaking roles, plus gobs of extras, you need to delegate this position.

Want to grow? Delegate.

I struggle with it. Chances are you do too if you're here. I don't mean it as a slight against us; it's a reality check: we need to level up, and we'll never reach millions with stories of hope if all we do are the "I shot this over the weekend with a Sigma 18-35 mm" types of videos. I've been hard on them lately - I don't see myself letting up anytime soon, so buckle up.

Filmmakers: do's and don't for hiring crew

Problem: How do I go from 1-man (or even a small crew of 3) projects to working with 34 extras, 10 actors, and a 6-person crew who can handle my project on time, under budget, and have it ready in 3 months?

Ready to level up and stop doing 1-man-band projects?

At some point, if you're going to reach billions with stories of hope, then you have graduate from "I shot this over the weekend with a GH5 and a 35mm lens. I call it Cup Of Joe."

It's okay to start there. Don't live there.