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Video Producers: How To Build Street Cred When Nobody Knows You

When you’re just starting out (heck, at any point in your journey as a video producer or microbudget filmmaker), the majority of people will not know who you are. So you have to push against the grain that says “don’t call - don’t email - don’t drop by” etc. You have to make the calls and knock on doors! If people don’t know who the heck you are, you’ll never earn their trust or their business!

Here’s one way to “get out there": free work.

Free work is a two-edged sword though.

Video Production: How To Start A Videography Business In The Next 24 Hours

I've talked to a lot of different people lately who think they need to get the glossy pamphlets, stacks of business cards, a website, a Facebook page, a Twitter account, an Instagram account, and email newsletter service like MailChimp, and a business license and an EIN from the IRS just to get started with business.


And of course, you don't need so much is 3 credit hours, let alone a whole degree, and business.


At its Core, Business is just about meeting a need and serving people. It's a lot like what Jesus did, and I don't mean to oversimplify but the King of Kings did for us or does for us, but meeting needs and serving people are very Godly attributes,


If you have see love film and video and want to use either to tell amazing stories of Hope, Life, True Freedom, or a myriad of other things that make this deep and Abundant Life so amazing, then to grow as a filmmaker, you're going to be working with a lot of different backgrounds. To grow as a filmmaker, you need to learn how to finance your projects. You also need to learn how to Market your project. this makes you a businessman or a businesswoman.


For those of you who have the slightest inkling to take your gifts as a video producer and use them to create new connections Kama I have a bonus for you at the end.


Let's get crackin.


How To Land A 4-Figure Video Job

This is a continuation of this guide.

The dilemma. Or dilemmas rather:

People ask this all the time - how much should I charge?

You need to be filling out your checklist when your client is talking with you on the phone. What better way than to have a calculator do it for you?

So I asked about 16 or so people to be beta testers of a calculator I came up with. Of those, only 3 are in beta testing. 

They have been working with the tool and so far, so good. 

The biggest problem facing videographers is the lack of unity. We are one-man-bands, and we all aspire to be auteurs.

And because we do this thing called film and video on the side - OR as a full-time living - we don't all charge the same.

Especially when the global market keeps driving down the prices on digital goods and services. 

Client Care When The video production Is Done (plus FIVE new case studies OF FANTASTIC SERVICE)

Bold Nation!

If you just finished a video job, then it is your job as a budding filmmaker to close out the job. I'm going to show you a few simple things that you can do right now to bring the job to a close and make sure you are over-delivering when it comes to your clients and your video production.

As with anything that involves customer service, you should not be looking for quick and easy.

Philip Bloom even said thisyou should treat every job as though it were a big-ticket job. Show up, work hard, over-deliver, and always have a good attitude.

So what do you do when you finalize your edit and your client has the final copy in hand?

You go through these steps and then you read the Bold Mail mail call at the end of the post.